Wow, almost two weeks into this little thing called “remodel a house” and let’s just say it ain’t for the faint of heart.

Because you see, lest you don’t know us well or have forgotten, Dave and I are both Realtors at a time when the market is absurdly crazy, overtly busy and extremely fast moving. So not only are we remodeling a home, working with contractors, picking out everything you can imagine because it’s basically like a new construction build,  we are also still actively listing homes, writing contracts, showing houses and working with the many clients we currently have, all while trying to balance the other things in life; church, dogs, general housekeeping, (which,by the way, has gone by the wayside), grocery shopping, bill paying and the small everyday stuff that we have to do.

It’s a tad overwhelming but we are grateful to be doing what we’re doing and besides, who needs to sleep anyway?!

OK, so moving on….

The ONE question we seem to get all the time from everybody who knows what we are doing other than “are you guys freaking crazy” is this:

“How did you know where to begin? Or maybe it’s phrased like: “How did you know what to start on first?’ Or even “Who did you consult with to guide you?”

See those two guys there? Those two guys are friends, consultants, a general contractor extraordinaire and the all around best kitchen cabinet guy in the world and, on one occasion over the stinking placement of an island in the kitchen, our marriage counselors.

Scott Boatman, owner of Premiere Contracting Solutions and Josh McMillan, owner of Hancock Kitchen Designs. Whiz kids....brilliant masterminds, wonder workers, sometimes miracle workers and two guys who know what they are doing and are at the top of their game. (Josh is on the left, Scott is on the right.)

That’s how we knew what to do, what to undertake first and go about it.

Scott Boatman-arguably the best I have ever worked with, both personally and professionally. Scott is my go to vendor for the the TammySellsTheATL realty team and anytime a client needs something, I know I can trust Scott to do a great job at a fair price for a high quality of work and do it on a timely basis. So when we decided we wanted to buy the house, we took Scott with us and told him all we wanted to do beforehand.  He gave us great advice and guidance and we know after that day that if we proceeded with the purchase, he would be our general contractor to do all the work. We trust him.  He has vast knowledge, hands on experience and gets in there to do the work as well as employs fabulous subcontractors. He is timely, honest, conscientious and we could not have gotten this far without him. This house needed LOTS of work and he met with us, drew up a plan, advised and counseled and has been a true partner in a our labor of love.

These are some of the guys and some of the stuff they have had to deal with, move, relocate and work around to get the house ready to be remodeled. All handpicked and vetted by our fabulous general contractor. 

The other member of the dream team is Josh McMillan, who is a kitchen dream maker. You think it, he can design it and what I like best about him is he tells you what is going to work best.  His ideas and suggestions have helped immeasurably. He has drawn up some terrific 3D plans and the best part is I can tell him what I see in my mind (which is scary place to be) and that guy can freehand draw it out on graph paper right there and make it looks fabulous! 

Dave wanted an island in the kitchen, I wasn't wild about it and the way he wanted it was tight to say the least. Josh took time, listed to us both, heard our concerns and got with Scott, deduced we could move walls, cabinets floors, and a beam, drew it out right there and viola, Mr Holmes got his island it and once installed, will look awesome! Just what a good contractor does...makes it work, makes it look great and makes the client happy.

This the “before demo”  kitchen pictures (yes, yuck!) , the “now” kitchen pics and soon I’ll be posting the “WOW” kitchen pics. All new cabinets, granite countertops, tile floors and a gorgeous little project we have planned for the walls….if we can make it work….which I believe we will be able to do.  

So we are off and running and and although we sometimes feel, as the old song goes, that we are “flirting with disaster” we really aren’t because we are in great hands with these two awesome guys.  If you are looking to remodel, either a kitchen or a whole house, half a house or just need an overall great general contractor, you have to call Scott and Josh. I’ve linked their respective pages here and I can promise will love working with them. They are both the best at what they do. 

My next post will be on what we picked out and why and where to get great things for the house  from here in the ATL. There are some really cool stores and contractors out there and they are helping us make this place our own. We can’t wait to share it with you.

And remember, even though we are busy, we would love to help you find the perfect place for you and your family. Feel free to click on “contact us”under the menu button  if we can help you.