Wow....just wow!

Christmas is just around the corner..... Halloween isn't here yet and we haven't even thought about about Thanksgiving!

But Christmas is an extra special time and everyone wants to have their home look amazing. This time of year is when most of us finally get around to entertaining; whether it's family, friends, office parties at our place...Christmas is usually when our homes become the busiest. As do we.

Wouldn't it be great this year if we could have the perfect looking home but have an expert do it? An expert who does it at a reasonable cost?! 

You're in luck!

Our preferred vendor of staging, Sara Brown Designs, can give your home the look and feel you want while saving you take the hassle and hustle. Sara helps with staging some of our clients homes and we can promise you that her look and style is top notch.  She is scheduling all  Christmas decorating services  now and can use what you have or buy new and customize it to match your home, or do a mix of both. She even comes back to take it all down.  Sara will also bring fresh greenery to place around and only charges $50 a hour for this service. Just CAN have the perfect, beautiful home for the holidays without any of the hard work!

Sara is a natural fit for the Tammy Sells The ATL Team. With her background and talent focused on Interior Design, adding Home Staging, Professional Organizing and Relocation Assistance to Sara’s career ambitions has proven to be a natural fit. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a degree in Interior Design, but has had a passion for design and organization from a very early age. Sara quickly earned the title of "favorite friend to have over" to the parents of her childhood playmates. They knew that by the time she left to go home, their child's room would be creatively re-arranged, organized and styled!

Selling a home in today’s real estate market calls for a competitive edge and this is where Sara's gift help our cleints. Potential buyers have many options and are quick to go somewhere else if they are not captivated by the first impression of a new home. Sara offers a decorative advantage and provides the special touch needed to motivate and draw in bids from buyers. The difference is evident, as she creates not only a pleasing space but an appealing lifestyle. This helps the buyer visualize themselves turning the house into their home. Did you know that home staging has been proven to sell homes up to 50% faster and for more money than the typical home? Decluttering and organization are essential when showcasing rooms in a home. Spaces that are left messy and unorganized plant a seed in a buyer's mind that the value of the house is less than what the asking price reflects. The cost of staging is minimal, especially in comparison to having little interest in the home and ultimately having to reduce its price.  And if you work with the Tammy Sells the ATL Team, we will pay for your initial consultation!

If you've been thinking about selling or buying, we would love the chance to earn your business. And if you're ready to get your home picture perfect for the holidays, please give Sara a call! She will do such a terrific job that she'll become a new "Christmas tradition".