Warning: If after reading the title you are hearing the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons song in your head, don’t blame me.

This title is really apropos as to where things are right now with the house, and the renovations. We're close, very close to being done and yet we are so far away from completion.  We appear to have made great progress from where we started, believe me, but yet so much remains to still be done. And the clock is ticking...very loudly!

So we started this dream on a whim and prayer and a wide open budget only 21 days ago. We had great ideas on moving walls, tearing out doorways, installing floors, making a luxurious master suite, ensuring we had tons of storage. We got those things done and yet there still seems to be other things that pop up  we want done that seem just as important. And we are only on the inside of the house…....all the work that has to happen on the outside hasn't happened yet and the landscaper doesn’t come until the end of this week.  And there is too much for him to do right now and still stay on our budget. Whatever will we do?!

And then we have the worry of all the things we wanted done and planned out, ordered, worked into the scheme and accommodated for that now are delayed for whatever reason? I have a gorgeous balustrades going in for the stairway;  because it was so gorgeous I had the belated but wonderful idea of ripping out the full length foyer walls and making them higher styled knee walls with the iron balustrades starting at the end of those and going all the way to the top. The stair guy,Craig, with M.C. Staircase and Trim, came out, measured, made adjustments so they  would fit, gave us suggestions to showcase them and ordered them with us pumped and excited about how awesome the entrance foyer would look...only to find out they must come from China and are a boat that will be here sometime after we move in. Meanwhile we have an open staircase and walls in the entrance foyer that will be unfinished the first few weeks, thus eliminating that “wow” factor to our initial guests. (Sorry guys).

But the basics are in and I want to give a huge plug to the best general contractor ever, Scott Boatman with Premiere Contracting Solutions. Dave and I have both given Scott shout outs for the job well done but let me tell you, he is amazing! Seriously, we could have never have undertaken this alone, on our own and would not have all the things done that are done without Scott. He knows everything and has been extremely helpful in suggestions and guidance as well as running a prompt and  knowledgeable crew. If you are thinking about renovations, general work to be done around your home, flipping property or doing detailed work around the house, you have to use Scott. His know how and acumen are what have put us so far ahead of the game in only 21 days. 

Right now, we are close-walls have all been moved, old cabinets and flooring have been stripped away and the bulk of the debris has been carted off. The floors have been installed, the newly desired lighting placement done and all the fixtures picked out. We are doing a lot of tile work and Dave has laid the floors in the kitchen and sunroom. The painters come next week, the floors guys come to sand, stain and grout and then all the new cabinetry should be in. We then add granite, mirrors and the little extra’s in our dream and we are good to go.

Our favorite project has been the master suite. There were two bedrooms on the main floor and we combined them into one by taking out the wall between them and enclosing the hall doorway of one that lead into what was the previous master. There was also a large laundry closet in the hallway on which the dinky master bathroom was on the other side. The previous master bath consisted of a toilet, one sink with a formica counter top and a narrow, ugly stand up shower. We closed off the laundry room, flipped the opening away from the hall and into the bathroom and made that whole area a huge walk in shower with tile, glass windows, a walk in area, two shower heads and ample room to move around in. Scott and Dave were able to brainstorm a  new water closet and a huge vanity area with custom cabinets. The best part? The old master bedroom had two good sized closets; we converted one to a nine foot vanity area and the other is now the laundry closet; the laundry is NOW in the master bath...the perfect spot!  And what is the other additional old master bedroom space used for? A gorgeous huge walk in closet that Creative Concepts in Marietta has designed and laid out for us. His side, her side. Room for shoes, and purses. (Not that I have that many). I can't wait to actually see the finished product.  Ruth, the owner there, and Victoria, one of the designers, have been fabulous to work with and actually did the closet we have at our current home. If you want a custom closet system with all the bells and whistles, call them-they are absolutely the best, hands down.

Our biggest area of stress right now?  The outside.The house sits on a quiet cul de sac of  five homes with ours in the middle and a large landscaped circle in the street that hides the house from those who drive past the street. Very private. The yard is almost an acre but it is a mess with an emphasis on the word mess. The lady who lived there before loved plants and had many but planted them wherever with little rhyme or reason, making it very colorful but overcrowded and terrible grass filled with weeds and clover. Add to that the pool and the maintenance that with it plus trees that have never been trimmed and you can understand the stress we feel.  We decided last night to add a deck to the back patio, terrace some steps down to the pool and probably stain the concrete that surrounds the pool. The yard is uneven and overgrown so we will have a landscaper bulldoze everything, bring in dirt, lay sod and get it manageable. Eventually we see an outdoor kitchen and fire pit going in and even a putting green but those are way down the road unless we win the lottery sometime soon. 

So we are close, but still far away. I think by Saturday, maybe Sunday at the latest, it will really begin to take shape.  We have moved in a little furniture upstairs and Dave built me an area in my office for printers, books, pictures and what not. We have the dreaded folks from Comcast coming out next week to hook up the internet and cable and then the movers come with all our crapola. 

We have many plans and still have a whole basement to figure out, a new addition of a full porch in the front with gabled roof, a pergola over the back patio and thousands of ideas for the pool, but we are closer. Getting there is the fun part but we have good ideas, a great contractor and years to make it a place to grow old together, to laugh, to entertain, to share with friends and family and make it ours.