Wow! And are on the threshold of home ownership!

The home buyer process can be a little crazy but rest assured that the Tammy Sells The ATL is here to help and will smoothly navigate you through the process.  It will be a bit overwhelming sometime; that’s just the nature of the beast but stay focused because at the end of the journey you will have a beautiful new home that will be all yours.  And never hesitate to call Tammy, Dave or Nikki with your questions or concerns; that’s why they're here.

Here is an example timeline and the step by step process that you can expect as we embark, together, on your path to a new home:

[1] Client worksheet filled out:  This is a worksheet completed by you so that we can find help find the house that is perfect for you.  be as specific as you can so we can show you only the homes that meet your criteria. Your agent will give that to you at your first meeting.

[2] Email search started: After we put into the system your specific search criteria, an automatic email is generated by the listing service to notify you of all the listings that meet exactly what you’re looking for.  Anytime a new listing is entered or has new pictures or a price change, you will receive a notification.

[3] Lender pre-qualification: We hope you will work with our AWESOME preferred lender, who will need to get you pre-qualified before we start the search.  He will then send us a copy of the approval letter and we will have that to attach to any offer we make.

[4] Showing and visiting homes: Once you start finding homes that you like, we will schedule appointments for you to go and see them.  Our market is hot so if you see one you like, we need to go NOW!  Usually when you go and see home, it’s best to have the decision makers together so that if it is “the one”, we can immediately write the contract and move forward so that you get the home and someone else doesn’t. 

[5] Offers and contracts: Tammy, Dave or Nikki will write and negotiate all offers and keep you current as to where things are in the process.  In a contract situation, time is of the essence so be sure you are always reachable. We always will negotiate to close with Gillien Joachim, our preferred closing attorney at Ganek, so that we have a tighter grip on any surprises that might come up.

[6] Due diligence period: During this time, you and your agent will work together to make sure all inspections and concerns are addressed. You will need a home inspection and a termite letter; we have a vast array of vendors we can refer you to for these particular tasks.  We will attend the home inspection with you and discuss and negotiate any repairs or concerns that are come up.

[7] Financing period: Stacey, our fabulous contract to close coordinator, will weekly be in touch with both your lender and the other agent to ensure that all parties are are track for an on time closing. If there are issues that arise, she will quickly address them and communicate with you so that everyone can effortlessly keep things moving forward.

[8] Walk throughs: Right before the scheduled closing, you and your agent will do a walk through to verify that the home is still in the condition it was when you first saw and to check that there is no damage to the premises.  Any issues that need to be addressed to continue on to the closing will be wrapped up at the walk through.

[9] Closing: You will sign a myriad of paperwork and maybe even develop writer’s cramp but it’s all worth the end, you will be a new home owner!

[10] Follow up: Tammy, Dave or Nikki will be in touch with you the first week, the first month and then throughout the year to be sure things are going well with you. And if anyone you know is looking for a great Realtor, these follow up periods are great opportunities to let us know who we can help next. 

Want more info about the home buying process?  Check out our list of Buyer Do's and Dont's.